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could be translated as « under the petticoats ». For winelovers, « jupon » means the bottom of the bottle which takes the shape of a lady’s petticoat. Thus the desire to create an elegant bottle reminder of a lady’s dress. This feminity is revealed in both the look and the taste of this silky yet nervous wine.

will bring a sensual experience to enjoy and share.

Why  Sous les Jupons  ?

In the old days, in the parisian brasseries and troquets the wine consumption was not paid by the glass or the bottle but « à la ficelle » meaning by the string.

The innkeeper would measure the number of centimeters the client had drunk with the string that was stretched along the bottle.

When the wine level was at the punt, the innkeeper would say : « Tu es sous le jupon! » ( i.e. you are under the punt) The client would most probably answer : « Remets-moi la petite sœur » (i.e. Bring me the little sister then) which equates to ordering another bottle and spend another great moment with his friends.

Guillaume and Pauline, husband and wife and founding associates of Déméterre Wines & Spirits, wished to create a rosé that is fresh and fruity to sip by the pool with family and friends.

They roam through the south of France to find just the perfect terroir. They choose the Occitanie region for its exceptional argilo-calcareous soil. They focus on a vineyard that is certified HVE (High Environmental Value), a guarantee for quality and respect for the environment.

And so, they create and produce Sous Les Jupons

This wine owes its fruity and fresh expression to a very slow and low temperature fermentation with carefully selected yeast.